About us

We are Lovely cavapoo Aka Cavoodle lovers and dedicated to breeding cute and lovely cavapoos / Cavoodle for the perfect families. We have been breeding cavapoos / Cavoodle for the past 20 years and we have been able to place over twenty little cuties to their new families.

We fell in love with Teddy Bear Cavapoos / Cavoodle pups because of what they bring to the table. They have an outstanding personality and good-natured. We have owned cavapoo for as long as to know how friendly they can be.

We believe the world will be a better place with these little cutties and we are on a mission to place these affectionate and social lovely pups to as many homes as we can.

Whether you have a cavapoo / Cavoodle, are looking to rescue or purchase a one, or want to learn more about Teddy bear Cavapoo / Cavoodle Puppies we are here to help.


At Cavapoo Home Puppies, we have been breeding and providing quality care for our puppies for over 20 years. Breeding puppies began as a hobby for our family and has since become a passion of ours. With the help of our local veterinarians, we practice responsible breeding to raise happy, healthy puppies. All of our breeding parents are professionally health checked and have a clean bill of health before breeding. We specialize in Cavapoo We also breed a small number of Cavapoo each year.